Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Return to Strength Training

I have the poorest upper body strength. This is a fact. I have tried (and failed) repeatedly throughout my life to build some muscle on my arms but I usually quit weight training before that happens. I spent one summer weight lifting every other freaking day without any mass gain. Instead, I wreaked havoc on my bones (and my sanity).

I recently decided to try strength training again, but in a healthy and safe way. So I called a personal trainer. I met with her yesterday. Her name is Karla and she is GREAT. She set me up with a tailored routine and told me not to rush my muscles. She said to take my time and I will slowly become stronger. She said, and I quote: "You have all the time in the world."

This is true. I shouldn't rush to go up in weight, to increase my reps, whatever. I'm going to focus on form and posture and hopefully, this time, I'll gain some muscle.

Today I ran a fast 20 minutes and then collapsed onto the couch.
Maybe  I'll get up soon.
Probably not.

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