Thursday, December 23, 2010

Days 7,8, & 9. I've been runnin' but forgot to post.

Hey - sorry about the delay in posting. I have been running, just not posting! I took Monday off, after three days in a row of successful runs, and then ran Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a fabulous 30 minutes on the treadmill, out of the windy and freezing weather, and I was very pleased with how I felt throughout. Yesterday (Wednesday) I cranked up the pace and went for 25 minutes. I did a interval workout (kind of) by varying the pace (kind of). Still, I felt less tired after the run than I've been feeling lately and I'm happy with my training progress so far.

Today I'll do another 25 minutes, varying pace and incline and then I'll take tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and Saturday (Christmas Day) off. I'll be back at it on Sunday. The next few days will involve family and food - hopefully some yummy baking! Now, I'm off to the mall to tackle some Christmas shopping. Tonight, (post-run) I'll be meeting a friend for dinner. Exciting!

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