Thursday, December 30, 2010

Two days to the race!

I ran Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Today I'm taking a much-needed break. I probably won't have time to run tomorrow, and then Saturday is the race!
Monday was a 25 minute run, done at a faster pace. Tuesday was 30 minutes at a slower pace, and boy was that a great run! I felt relaxed and light the entire time and I could have kept going, but I didn't want to overdo it. I've decided that I enjoy my runs the most at a slower pace, which is completely fine with me. I can be a runner without being fast. Times aren't very important to me - finishing my races in good spirits and living an active life are!
Yesterday I ran a faster 25 minutes - it was a little painful. Oh well. I'm taking it easier today.
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I'm meeting friends for lunch and then I have to work from 5-10 PM, so I doubt if I'll have time to run. That's ok - I feel confident that I will be able to run Saturday's race. And again, I don't care about pace or time. It will probably be freezing and I will never have run the course before, so I'm not expecting to PR or anything like that.
Then (very early) Sunday morning, I'm off to Vail for a week of skiing! I cannot wait!

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